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ڿڰۣ✿_✿—ڿڰۣ I Love You Moreڿڰۣ✿_✿—ڿڰۣ 11/01/2018

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I Love You More...

Our love is
caught in rusty chains
without a firm anchor,
snagged by thin wires,
and hounded by fierce winds.
But the islands are
lit up by a mystic moon,
and the silver light
creeps over each wave
that crashes to the shore,
pounding out the darkness.
And as the tempest brews,
the wind calls your name,
and with everything I touch,
taste, feel, or see
even the impalpable sparks
given off from a dying sun,
I carry you with me
like a wonderful dream.
All I take in
or improvise,
binds my heart to yours
and keeps it adrift
on this tumultuous sea
of unknown making.
And I could never
leave this love
on a distant shore
despite the boundaries
that rise up between us,
because with each day
that passes,
I only love you more.
©Bella Strike
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